Tunnel Vision

I’m looking for a light at the end of the tunnel

But I keep on crashing into a wall

I’m searching for a lady with a great profile

Someone beyond the average rank and file

Seeking energy that shines like sunshine

So hard to find in these strange modern times

Looking for a fellow victim of a lovers crime

I’m looking for one that did some hard time

Who like me had their heart torn to pieces

Looking for heartfelt releases

One I can cook with, trust, love and cuddle

Who in a pinch has a plan & gets in the huddle

What do you say lets spend some time

Getting to know each other over coffee or wine

Life is for the living and you sure looking fine to me

I’m looking for the girl that won’t blow my cover

Who won’t behind my back runs to the arms of another

Love can bring you to tears mystifying

Searching for a new one can be terrifying

I’m looking for an alignment with an eye for the sublime

Who gives off good vibes and is ready for the frontlines

©2021 GW PIRRO

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